Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My Top 10 BEST recipes of 2017

Here are my Top 10 BEST recipes for 2017. I guess it should come as no surprise quite a few of them are pickling or jamming recipes, with a few luscious cakes and delightful main dishes thrown in.

I hope you enjoy browsing through them, as I did looking back on 2017 and finding the Top 10 to share with all of you.

So in case you missed them, here are the Top 10 BEST recipes for 2017.

1. Southern Pineapple Cake. This cake is a "pot luck" favorite, but also makes a great after-school snack cake, or anytime you want an easy dessert. Just a few simple ingredients and you're done. You don't even need a mixer; I just beat the batter in a mixing bowl with a wooden spoon. See what I mean? Easy!

2. Crunchy Dill Pickles. Finally I have crunchy dill pickles. I have tried all kinds of recipes, and while I enjoy all the ones I've made, I love this one for their tangy, crunchy dill flavor! The secret is salt soaking.

3. Pineapple Barbecue Pork Tenderloin. Quick, easy and delicious, this recipe combines your favorite barbecue sauce and crushed pineapple, or pineapple chunks finely diced, in an amazing sauce to baste on pork tenderloin.

4. Pico De Gallo Salsa. Pico de Gallo is technically a fresh salsa and not one that's traditionally canned, but I really wanted to try and make some I could process and keep for many months on my pantry shelf (not that it will last that long), so I started experimenting. Paste or Roma tomatoes hold up the best in this recipe, and they are not mushy in the finished product.

5. Hungarian Goulash. One of my favorite fall or winter dishes, Hungarian Goulash is simply a "stew" of sorts with paprika added. The German version contains no potatoes, while the Hungarian version usually adds potatoes and sometimes even carrots.

6. Drunken Fig Jam. It's versatile and flavorful. The sweetness of the figs shines through the boozy Brandy element, and the touch of cardamom enhances all the flavors. This jam is equally at home topped on toast or English muffins, on a cheeseboard, or as an accompaniment to grilled meats.

7. Chocolate Cobbler. The best thing about this recipe is IT'S EASY! So simple to do, with just a few ingredients, but wow, what it delivers is something like a molten lava cake meets brownie and fudge sauce.

8. Sweet and Sticky Tomato Jam. Sticky, sweet with a little kick, it is the perfect condiment for burgers, brats and more. Serve it over crostini with a savory cheese, or on a cheese board with a variety of hard cheeses or even over cream cheese on crackers. IT is a delicious condiment you can use in a multitude of ways.

9. Lazy Daisy Oatmeal Cake. This is one of those old-fashioned vintage recipes, said to be from the 1940's; I love recipes like that. This is the one your grandmother used to make, and said to be an original recipe developed for Quaker Oats. Tender, moist and delicious, it is a one pan cake, great for after-school snacks, or anytime you want an easy dessert. No fuss or muss, I love it!

10. Hot Shot Apple Jam {Cinnamon Whiskey}. I love apples and I really love boozy apple jams. This is delicious to eat spread on biscuits or English muffins, or topped on waffles and pancakes. It's even good basted on roast pork or glazed on a ham. 


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